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24/7 Tree Stump Removal Services in the Kingston

Just had a tree cut down, but still have to deal with the stump?   To remove branches and the tree, along with its roots requires a lot of hard work. Once you get the easier parts done with tools you may have had to borrow or rent, the job is still not finished.

The most difficult part of the job, the Tree Stump Removal is ever present within your means of power to hopefully be able to remove this stump so that you can eliminate the threat of a tree sprouting up some time in the near of distant future. 

You can count on the professionals at Timber Tree Service to make sure the tree stump is removed safely and completely.  

Grinding, an Efficient Method

Removing a tree stump can be dangerous without the proper training and equipment. Our foresters are fully trained to use stump grinders to grind stumps into mulch. Once we’ve removed a stump, we can clear the wood chips and make sure your property is clean and tidy for an extra charge.

Contact Timber Tree Service to have tree stumps safely removed from your yard in Kingston and surrounding areas. See all the tree services we provide!  

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