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Tree Cabling and Bracing for Kingston and Surrounding Areas

If a tree on your property seems like it may need a little structural support, give Timber Tree Service a call to see if cabling or bracing might help.

Effective Stabilizing Techniques

Cabling involves the use of cables to support upper parts of a tree near a defect, and bracing involves the use of rigid rods to support the lower part of a tree near a weak point. Our arborists may recommend cabling or bracing for various reasons:

  • To prevent a healthy tree with unbalanced weight from splitting or uprooting

  • To reduce the risk of a tree falling onto a home, car, deck, fence, etc.

  • To help the remaining limbs of a damaged tree recover

Your safety is our first priority, so if you believe that a tree may pose a threat you or your property, please contact us at any time to assess the situation.

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