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Safe and Affordable Tree Services in the Kingston Area

Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem. They can add to the aesthetic appeal of your property in Kingston. With such ownership comes the added responsibility of their maintenance. Dead and infected branches can damage the entire tree and spread to other trees as well. If your tree has become dry, infected or causing problems on your property, turn to Timber Tree Service. We have been providing safe and effective tree services in Kingston for over 30 years.

Whether you’re looking for an experienced arborist to remove a tree or to grind a stump, you’ll find all the help you need from Timber Tree Service.

Contact us for your professional tree services in Kingston. 

Our Arborist Services

At Timber Tree Service, we strive to provide effective services in a manner that keeps your trees healthy while maintaining the beauty of the landscape. Insect infestation, diseases or storm damages can make things dangerous for the trees and for you as well.  

We offer the following services: 

Expert Tree Care Services in Kingston

Our expert arborists at Timber Tree Service know exactly what your trees and plants need to remain healthy. We work hard to ensure that the greens on your property are well-managed. and offer 24/7 emergency services. We also sell firewood and wood chips and rent out boom and bucket trucks with operators. Call us at 613-544-8733 to avail the following services:

  • Transplanting and relocation of plants

  • Planting and fertilizing

  • Emergency storm damage clean-up

  • 24/7 hazardous tree removal

  • Insurance claim

Equipped to Handle the Toughest Jobs  

Timber Tree Service is fully equipped to handle all kinds of tree services. Our equipment includes:

  • A tree spade (to relocate or plant new trees)

  • Wood chippers

  • Stump grinders

  • Boom and bucket trucks

  • An 80-foot crawler

Our bucket and boom trucks allow us to carry out regular tree maintenance at surprising heights. For difficult jobs, we use an 80-foot backyard lift. Its thin profile makes it easy to maneuver through fence gates as narrow as 35 inches, and its short length allows for extraordinary maneuverability in tight quarters such as backyards and confined spaces. Take a look at our pictures: you’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish!

Benefits of Our Tree Services

As experts in our field, we aim at maintaining the health of your trees while making sure that they don’t negatively impact anything else. 

Some of the reasons why you should use our services: 

  • We inspect the health of your trees and remove dead and damaged branches.

  • We remove tree stumps from properties without extensively altering the land.

  • We take care of dangerous branches that can cause damage to life and property.

  • We provide structural support to large trees with our cabling service.

  • We offer planting services like fertilizing and relocation of trees.

  • We provide emergency services to remove tree damage caused by storms.

Book Our Tree Service Today 

Contact Timber Tree Service at 613-544-8733 for professional tree services in Kingston.  

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