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Reliable Tree Stump Removal Services in Kingston

Do you need to remove a tree from your property? Timber Tree Service can help you! We offer stump removal services in Kingston in addition to tree removal. We can help you with removal services, from cutting the branches down to grinding the stump. We have the right equipment for efficient tree and stump removal, which is an eyesore. Our removal services can help you eliminate the threat of new growth requiring more maintenance.

We provide stump removal services to residential and commercial property owners. The professionals at Timber Tree Service will remove the tree stump safely and completely. 

Do you need reliable tree stump removal services in Kingston? Get in touch with us today. 

Grinding, an Efficient Method

Removing a tree stump demands the right tools. Our foresters are extensively trained in operating stump grinders to grind stumps into mulch effectively. For an extra fee, we offer an additional service to clear the wood chips and fill the hole with topsoil and grass seed.

 Why Should You Remove Tree Stumps?

Whether you aim to improve the look of your property, prevent injuries, protect against pests and disease, or stop regrowth, stump removal is a must. Apart from the fact stumps occupy a large amount of unnecessary space, there are also a few other reasons why you should remove stumps, such are:

Aesthetics: It is not aesthetically appealing to leave behind a cut tree without removing the stump.

Difficult to maneuver around: While mowing the lawn, stumps become an obstacle.

They cause new tree growth: If stumps are left behind, small plants can grow around them. If the stump decays and is left untreated it might attract insects and termites.cts ad termites.

Avoid accidents and trouble: While a tree stump might not seem critical, it can be a significant trip hazard for anyone. This is particularly a problem with senior citizens and small children.

Protect against disease and pests: Tree stumps on your property might look harmless, but they could hide many unwanted pests and diseases that can spread to other healthy trees or plants on your lawn. Not having stumps removed allows those insects to settle in and multiply.

With our team of experienced professionals, you can depend on us for stump removal services. We measure the stump and give you an estimate.

The Stump Removal Process 

Stump removal entails extracting the roots from the ground to eliminate a potential future hazard. The stumps remaining after tree cutting can create issues during ground maintenance or pose a trip hazard.

The decaying process of the stump is prolonged, and over time, the rotting stump can become a source of pests. To avoid any issues in the future, we recommend removing the stumps just after tree removal.

There are two ways to get rid of the stumps from your lawn: 

  • Stump removal: This involves excavating the ground and extracting the tree's roots. This often leaves a visible hole that can be unsightly until filled. It demands significant time and labour. 

  • Stump grinding: This method is far less intrusive than stump removal. A machine grinds the stumps into small wood chips, which can be repurposed as mulch. It is a more efficient and less labour-intensive process.

The arborists at Timber Tree Services use a stump grinder to remove stumps from the ground. It is better to leave stump removal to the professionals in Kingston, as it can lead to property damage if not done right.   

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is the process for removing a stump?

Unlike tree pruning or tree cabling, stump removal is more evasive since we need to extract the roots from the ground. If not done right, this can lead to property damage.

Our experts request locates to determine whether hydro, gas, or cable is underground before beginning the grinding process. Once we have removed all the roots and the stump, the grindings are placed back into the hole. For an extra charge, we can replace the grindings with topsoil and grass seed.

How Much Does It Cost?
Tree stump removal depends on the size and how deep the stump is being ground.

Which Machine Is Used for Stump Removal?

During the process, a stump grinder is utilized. This machine is portable, either on wheels or tracks, allowing it to be highly flexible in reaching stumps across your property while minimizing damage to your lawn. The equipment effectively removes the stump from your yard.

Do I Need to Be Home for the Estimate?

You don't need to be home. On the first call, our staff will document all work requirements, mark all trees to be removed, and ask for a phone number so they can contact us in case of any problems while we are at your location.

Contact Us Today

We provide stump removal services in Kingston for our clients. We also provide tree pruning and removal services. Contact Timber Tree ServiceTimber Tree Service to have tree stumps safely removed from your yard in Kingston and surrounding areas. See all the tree services we provide! You can also fill in the online form to get in touch with us today.

Unsightly Stumps Ruining Your Curb Appeal?

We’ll take care of the stump removal properly, leaving a space that’s ready for planting.

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