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If your tree has grown into an unruly mess, let the arborists at Timber Tree Service professionally prune your tree. Pruning is the art of selectively cutting branches, buds, or roots from a tree, using approved techniques for a specific reason, such as to

  • Influence your tree’s growth and control its shape
  • Improve your tree’s health
  • Remove dead, damaged, dangerous, or diseased branches
  • Help your tree produce more fruit and flowers
  • Prepare your tree to be transplanted

Our foresters know exactly which times of year are safest to prune different species and can prevent unnecessary damage to your tree.

Pruning or Trimming?

Whereas pruning is carried out mainly by trained professionals to carefully influence a tree’s growth, trimming involves maintaining the shape of shrubs, hedges and trees for aesthetic purposes. Trimming is also carried out to clear branches near electrical wires.

For careful and precise pruning and trimming by expert hands, contact the trained arborists at Timber Tree Service.

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